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Geriatric Rehabilitation

Focus on treatment for the needs of our seniors

Geriatric rehabilitation focuses on the health and rehabilitation needs of the seniors. It uses exercise and various equipment to help patients regain their mobility after an accident, surgery or long illness resulting in reduction in physical abilities.

Benefits of Geriatric Rehabilitation


Reduce risks of falling - Falls are particularly troublesome when the person who suffers a fall is a senior. Benefit of rehab therapy for the elderly is that the likelihood of falls can be minimized. With training, their bodies become stronger and more adept. 

Minimise infectionMany elderly patients require rehab therapy after a joint replacement operation often it is a knee or hip replacement. To benefit and promote healing after this type of procedure, rehab therapy can be used in conjunction with medication to control the risk of infection. With increased blood flow to the affected area, the body also brings its own in-built defense force. This defense force acts to prevent possible infections.

Joint and muscle strengthening - Strengthening exercise improve function and mobility. It can also reduce pain and allow patients to be less reliant on pain medications. Ultimately, it can improve our activities of daily living. 


Speak to our Physiotherapists Now

What to expect during consultation


We will conduct a thorough assessment through a series of clinical questions and physical tests to analyze what is the main cause of the problem. This helps us diagnose the root cause of your symptoms, and guides our treatment plan to help you move better.


We provide individualized treatment based on the latest evidence-based approach, using manual therapy techniques such as deep tissue massage, joint mobilization to restore functional range of motion and reduce pain.


Based on our assessment findings, we will design and prescribe an individualized exercise program targeted towards solving your problem. Our therapists will educate and guide you on your journey to recovery and self management.

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